Nicholas Charuk is an Audio Engineer who started his career in Vancouver, Canada in 2017. Beginning by working on indie film productions and TV shows, Nic’s love for Audio has extended to podcasts, live shows, musical artists, and mixed media productions. His recent work on the short film “Shards”, notably received an “Award for Excellence” at Global Shorts 2018.

Nicholas passion for music began at a young age when he took a great interest in guitar. As he grew into a teenager, he began a deeper exploration of music, experimenting with computer based music programs, synthesisers and an ever widening instrument palate. This all led to a unique composition style and a strong ear for music. Nicholas maintains a connection within the Vancouver industry by collaborating with local artists, providing music for live shows and events, and on top of that assisting at Bluelight Studios. Nic’s love for audio engineering and production skills have allowed him to hone his craft and build an impressive portfolio containing a variety of different Musical and Visual mediums, all influenced by a variety of musical genres.